Coding Graphics and Buttons

In the code below, replace where it says YOUR WEBSITE URL HERE with your site url.


<a href="YOUR WEBSITE URL HERE"target="_blank"><img alt="Click to visit my site" src="IMG SRC HERE"style="width: 88px; height: 31px;">

Now, wherever your button is on your site, right click and click 'properties' then it should have an address, if you are on matmice it should look something like this:

Now copy that url and paste it into the code below where it says IMG SRC HERE in the code.

Also if you want a code to appear so people can copy it, do this:


If it helped you, please link me.

WARNING: You are not allowed to use this code with the img src from any other website than your own, if you do it is direct linking and you can get in trouble. Just make sure you only get the image code from your own site.