SophSoph! Oooh, jeeze where do I start with Sophie? How about the beginning..
When we were both had matmice sites last year, Sophie added me on msn which I was really happy about coz I really loved Glitter Swirl!
We started talking more and more and helped each other with our websites. We got along like a house on fire, lol.

By this time both our sites were successful on matmice and we were really good friends =D Sophie then got hosted! I was so happy for her, GlitterSwirl had improved sooo much!
Then a few months later I bought my domain, and we are still sisters sites.

Sophie is sooo nice, kind, helpful, funny, clever the list could go on for ever! I'm so glad we met, I've made such a great out of her.
I can't wait til we finally get to meet next year! She is such a great friend, I can talk to her about anything and she's always there if I need help with anything- she's so amazing at graphics!
I know we'll be friends forever! ^__^

So Sophie, my online bestfriend- this page is dedicated to you!

 Sophie & Jenna

- Sophie has now closed her site Glitter Swirl, but we are still great friends! Her blog Permanent Tears is wonderful! =D