Website Tips

1. First of all think of a good name for your site, be original don't copy other peoples go to my site namer for some inspiration.

2. Now you need a layout for beginners its best to stick to one colour then when you get more advanced try mixing two colors together but just make sure they go well together for example DO NOT! use the colors grey and brown together see that is very disgusting an dull do not do it!

3. Be creative try to make stuff on your own and put it on your site for people to take just try and do it.

4. Make some rules it is extremely important that you tell people not to direct link ect.

5. Have good backgrounds, people love them.

6. Don't use fonts that are difficult to read and definitely do not use say a yellow colored font on a light green background people are going to sit there damaging
there eyes!

7 Do not TyPe LiKe DiS ItZ soOo AnNoYiN. Also it's best to use good spelling, grammar and punctuation on your site, don't Typ lyk dis.

8. Have a good amount of content on your website, you don't want people getting bored easily with nothing to do.

9. Never I repeat NEVER! have too much info about yourself. All you need is your first name and country. Do not give out your address, phone or mobile numbers. If you want to add a photo of yourself ask your parents first. Remember that ANYONE can view your website, beware of stalkers.

10. Do not use people graphics, tutorials or anything they offer without giving credit. If you use something from a site you must link back! Web owners spend ages working on things for visitors so they deserve to be linked back.

11. Do not put people graphics and site content on your website and offer it to people, that is called redistributing and is NOT ALLOWED!