Internet And Msn Pen Pals

I've made this page, for anyone that wants some new friends or contacts for msn.
Anyone that wants to be a email pen-pal with someone please email me this form to [email protected]

Email Address:

Pen Pal Seekers

Email Address: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]

Email Address: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]
Msn: Yes
Description: Easy going, Fun. loving, joking around, Sports, Singing,
All music, ANIMALS!, boys are okay.
 I am so fun to be around I want a penpal who is
aged 11 to 14. I want a girl only.
Feel free to add me on msn! Send me an email first! Thankyou!

I would like to be a pen pal here's some info
email address: [email protected]
name: sophie
age: 12
info on the things I like: I love animals, writing and poetry I love to play with my brother and sister!
I would only like a girl penpal please

Email Address:[email protected]
Msn: [email protected]
Age: sweet 16
About me: Ermm I would like to make more net friends from anywhere around the
world. I dun care wad gender or age u are, just make sure u are friendly.=D

Email: [email protected]
Msn: [email protected]
Likes: I LUV dragons!, I also draw a lot both on paper and on computer...I also like monsters and creatures (that's why I luv reading Deltora Quest books ^o^) I not really girly girl I play heaps of sports. My friends say I am like... freaky weird annoying, evil, gross, funny.
 I'm an Aussie from N.S.W Sydney!

E-mail: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
AIM: xlilshortyz7x
Likes: I am 12 so I would like a pen pal around 11-13 years of age. I live in Fairford England. I like to go swimming, take pictures of myself, finding good sites, talking on msn, chatting outside, laughing, r&b, hip-hop, and rap. I would like a girl pen pal only! 

msn: yes
email: [email protected]
Loves: her bf xD, shopping, talking, acting, singing, music, soccer, body boarding.
feel free to add me: but email me first just letting me no coz ppl add me everyday LOL

[email protected] 
Msn Addy:[email protected] 
Likes: I like music, chatting, friends, going out
having a laugh, reading computer.

Email Address: [email protected]
Msn? [email protected]
Aim? LilMizzSplendid9
Yahoo? d_luvya_b
I'm 11 I like Hanging with friends, talking on msn, going on forums.
I want a girl panpal between 10 and 13 please. =)

Age: 13
Msn: Yep
Email: [email protected]
Location: London
Aims: penpals between 12-15 gurlz plz...
Likes: shoppin, sleepin, going on da comp, cats, dogs, all fluffy n cute animals, cute piccies on da comp, music, dancin, chattin, hangin round wid m8s, going out, laughin about, actin, sport, chattin on msn, i can b hyper, mad, funny, crazy lol... btw plz tell me b4 u add me on ur msn etc so i no who u are.


Email Address: [email protected] OR
[email protected]
Msn? YES and I use both those addys
Likes: I LOVE Greenday. I have pet rats. My fave colour is black. I have a really punk/goth side as well as a girly side. I live in Melbourne in Australia, but I don't care where my pen pal is from. I like heaps of other stuff but to find out more about me I guess you'll have to become my Pen Pal!

Email Address: [email protected]
Msn? [email protected]
Aim? sdnsk8
Likes: sport..computers...reading...stuff!


Email adress: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]
Msn: Yes
Likes: MSNing wif friends, swimmin, tennis, most sports really ummmmmm... I'm 13. my fav colors r pink n orange dats bout all lol! so plz add me! :)

Email Address: [email protected]
Msn? [email protected]
Aim? Sxcjulia
Likes: Computers, Hockey, Having fun, And lots more random stuff XP

msn: yup
email:[email protected]
likes: singing, dancing, drama, reading, shopping, surfing, msn and basketball HELLO ALL! i am totally bored this summer! i live in sydney australia and will be turning 14 in about 3 months. i dont care how old u ri just need lots of friends!!! email me so i no who u r if u want 2 add me! :) xoxox

12 years old
Email address: [email protected]
MSN Messenger: Yupp [email protected]
Loves: Messenger, Netball, Drama, Singing, Touch Footy, Clothes, Supre, Beach, Shopping, Shoes, Lipgloss, Making blogs/websites Please add me on messenger or send me an email cuz I wanna talk to sum1 new (ya can be any age and a boy or girl!!!)

Msn: [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]
Things i like: i love all my friends, and my family, i'm outgoing, and i
love, animals, gymnastics, singing, dancing, R&B, hip-hop and i'm ok with
I live in wales and i would like a pen-pal from anywere in the world and any
age (please be kind, and e-mail me before you add me with descriptions of

Email adress: [email protected]
msn: yes, my email.
aim: no
likes: click five, fall out boy, hockey, soccer, rollerblading and computer.


Email Address: [email protected]
Msn?: Yeah! [email protected]
AIM: No Sorry..
Likes: Lollipops, Candy, Cupcakes, Cereal, Football, Shopping, Lip Gloss, Soccer, Shopping, Guys, Shopping, Did I Mention Shopping? Lotion, Msn, WEBDESIGN <33, Chatting :)

(12 yrs old)
Email Address:[email protected]

Likes: Basketball, running, beaches, poetry, I hope to be an author some day, website design, i live in the great usa, being with friends, dogs, animals, dolphins, milkshakes, and the color purple.

Email Address: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
AOL: sisterscathy
Yahoo: sugar_strawberri
Message: Please e-mail me and that cause i really want someone to talk to please e-mail me at the e-amil above because i love to talk to people now i would like someone aged round about 8-15 and a girl cause i don't want any boys around BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

Email Address: [email protected]
Msn?:[email protected]
AIM: nun
Likes: i love meeting new people thats why im wanting to find a penpal!

Email Address: [email protected]
Msn?: [email protected]
Likes: Ballet, the colour pink, Tom Felton, Harry Potter, updating my website, surfing the net and Ben Lee.
Description: 13yrs of age, in Year 8, Asian.


Email Adress: [email protected]
Msn: No
AIM: Iciexox
Likes: Pink, Myspace, Cats, ect


Email Address:[email protected].
Msn?: Yes.
Likes: Games, dark, love. AND FUN FUN FUN! i don't care what gender u r becuase i make friends with both genders. I live in England.


Email Address: [email protected]
MSN: Yes
Likes: I'm very fun and outgoing. I love to be funny and crazy, and just running around having a good time. I'm athletic and do gymnastics, volleyball, softball, horse back riding, and I'm about to go out for cheerleading this month! Just because I want to be a cheerleader doesn't mean I'm preppy, I just like to have fun! I'm a bit of a dumb blonde, lol. I am also in love with all animals!
Also, I'm looking for somebody around the ages 11-14 because I'm 12. Also, I want someone that will stay in contact with me atleast once a week, but if they can't, that's fine. I just want a person who makes a good friend. Oh yeah, boys are alright. I love making matmice sites.


Email Address:[email protected]
Msn?:[email protected]
age:babee 12
about me:im a sweet sensitive kind person:) (yeah rightLOL)i love art and
cycling. i used to go to a trampolining club but i got injured and couldnt
go back. :(i have a mum dad and a wee bro
Likes:i like trampolining cycling art nature ma friends SHOPPING!!!!!
mysterys and running.


email: [email protected]
msn : [email protected]
aim : to be a great actress|dancer
likes : drama , dance , animals

Email Address: [email protected]
AIM:i want a female pen pal from anywhere around the world hoo has msn!
Likes:i love animals and would like to be a vet. GREEN DAY RULES! i love jaqueline wilson stories and acting oh yea and aged 11-12



Email:[email protected]
Likes:music, playing piano, shopping, the beach, swimming, drawing, having fun.