Homework Excuses

I was at a rally last night demanding better pay and conditions for our hardworking teachers.

The aliens took it back to Betelgeuse as an example of fine Earth literature.

I discovered I'm allergic to pencils and pens.

The headmaster called me while I was doing it and I couldn't get off the phone till way past my bed time.

I left my brain in my locker last night.

It's against my religion to do homework.

I was being followed on the way to school by spies so I had to eat it to avoid it falling into enemy hands.

My dog ate it, then my science project ate my dog.

I can't do homework for medical reasons, it makes me sick.

Isn't homework considered to be a "cruel and unusual punishment"?

Hitler burnt my books.

I forgot to remember.

I'm motivationally challenged.

I spent the entire night working on it, but I just wasn't proud of it, so I'm going to work on it again tonight.

My mother forgot to do it.

It spontaneously combusted...nearly burned our whole house down. Fortunately everyone except the goldfish managed to escape. Poor Skippy.

You see, I was doing my homework outside when a U.F.O. landed in the field next to my house and a little man came out and I felt he needed a gift because he had come so far and so I gave it to him, honest.

I was about to do it, and then, well, I just got to thinking about how much you look like Britney Spears...

My mom mailed it to Russia by mistake.

My parents took me out to dinner and the waiter spilled soup on it.

Don't you give us enough work at school?