Site History

Fun When Bored started off as a small matmice site that contained only a page of illusions and reads ect.
Then I started learning more and the site grew and grew into quite a popular matmice site. I just kept learning more and it got bigger and bigger.
I made heaps of friends along the way!

Then I got frames on my site and by this time I had over 30,000 visitors.

Everyone knew my site as funwhenbored, so I couldn't change the name, even though I didn't like it. =P

My dad bought my domain and I starting building, and didn't update my old one but kept it open. (It is still up right now, )
 The site reached over 40,000 visitors when I opened my new site.

And on August 5th 2005, this site opened!
Since then it's just been growing and growing.

One day I hope to have an extremely popular site and everyone can help me achieve that dream by supporting funwhenbored. =D