Colder Weather

Yes, yes, they're popular every winter, but we just get enough of our Uggies.
They keep our tootsies warm when we are just lazing around the house, but people are wearing them everywear these days.
Just make sure you don't wear them with mini skirts, it doesn't look too good.
"So what kind of boots should I buy?" I hear you all asking.

Well it's always best to go with the faux ones coz a) they won't blow your budget and b) the obvious of reason of not wearing an animal on your feet.

Ugg Boots can be bought from Department Stores, Footwear stores, fashion stores,ect.

Spring Fashion

The weather is getting warmer, so skirts, shorts, 3 quater pants ect. are what you want to be wearing, I think it's time to ditch the jeans and trackies.

Long flowly skirts are a great Spring item. Florally prints are also really cute. This kind of fashion looks good with beads, oversized sunnies and flat shoes. Create your own look by mixing differnt bits and pieces.

Summer Fashion

Mini shorts and skirts are great for wearing around during those hot summer days. I love my mini skirts and shorts, I have atleast 10 of each.

 Just team your shorts or skirt up any basic shirt or singlet you have lying around and a pair of thongs. Don't forget sunglasses! Oversized sunnies are cute.