Can I be a sister site?

Sorry, I'm not accepting sisters at the moment- but if I like your site I'll ask you.

Can I use the graphics on your site?

Of course! That's what they're there for. =D All I ask is a link back.

Can you make me something?

Sorry, the requests are closed. =( I got soooo many requests.

Can I add you to msn?

Sorry, my old contact list is full. My new email is just for close friends.

Can I talk to you on AIM?

Sure! =D My screen name is: Jennaxfwb

Are you hosting?

Nope, sorry =(

Are you accepting Matmice sites as sisters?

I was, but now the little sister applications are closed, so please don't ask.

Can you add some coded graphics?

No, sorry. =( Everytime someone added a graphic to my site by using a code (or direct linking) it's using up all my bandwidth, making my hosting cost more and my site won't work. So at the moment, please upload any graphics you wish to use to your own server, then link me back. ^___^

How did you make such a cool site?

Aww thanks, I'm glad you think its cool. =D
Umm..I really don't know how to answer that one.
I guess, I just worked on it a lot, kept at it and always added new things, I learnt lots more then I was able to make the site you see today.

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