I wrote this last year when I had braces.

When I first found out I had to get braces I was a bit scared, like if people would pay me out, or they would hurt, ect.
My 1st visit to the orthodontist was to see what I would need to get done, if I would need a plate, elastic bands and stuff like that.
My mum and I went into the orthodontic room and watched a short movie on the computer of braces, teeth and gums. The orthodontist then took photos of my teeth and took a mould of my mouth, and then I was free to go.

A few weeks later we were back again, today was the big day! He showed me the mould and explained what was going to happen.
I was asked if I wanted metal or gold braces, after thinking about it for quite some time I decided on gold. I was then handed colour chart in the shape of a paint pallet, which had many cool colours on it. I picked blue and purple for my 1st colours.
Then I was to lie down on the chair, I was really scared, I thought it would hurt heaps! They cleaned my teeth with this special stuff scraped them then they polished them.

After this was done, they prepared the brackets, which were the gold ones. A tiny bit of strong glue was applied to each of the brackets then stuck to my teeth. While the orthodontist held them on, I had a tube in my mouth to suck up all the saliva, eeww! hehe well it was better than swallowing glue! A very bright light was applied to make the glue set, this took a few minutes. As soon as all the brackets were secularly in place wire was cut to size, the wire was not gold, it was silver it is the same type that they use for something at NASA. Anyway, the wire was fed through the brackets, tightened quite firmly and then put into place.

My two front teeth hurt a bit because I had a gap there and it was pulling on it. The rest didnít hurt much at all.
I then had to have the coloured bands applied to hold the wire in place. I thought that they were just for decoration, but they are very important in braces. One is taken off at a time and put onto one of the brackets.

Once this is all done, you have to wash your mouth out with mouth wash coz the glue tastes gross and to get rid of loose bits of glue in your mouth.
And there you have it, you have braces! A day or two after you get them on your gums might feel a little tender and sore, so make sure you donít eat any really hard foods or they might hurt a bit more. But it's doesn't really hurt. If they feel really uncomfortable maybe take a Panadol.

But its so worth it in the long run, you will have a beautiful smile forever!
I hope this has helped you feel a little more confident if you have to get braces or are thinking about.


Getting Them Off

I went into the room and they had a look at them then the orthodontist started clipping them and I thought he was just cutting the wire but then he pulled the braces and wire out of my mouth and I was like oh my gosh! I didn't even know they were off. lol. It didn't hurt at all!

Then they had to scrape the glue off each tooth which tickled, hehe. Then they cleaned them with water then put this stuff like toothpaste on which made them really nice. I then had to get a mould of my teeth taken. 

Three days later I went back and got my clear retainer which you have to wear for a few months, some orthodontists require you to wear it 24/7, others just at night time. But don't worry you can barely see it!

Do wear it because if you don't your teeth will move around and you will have to get braces AGAIN! It might feel a bit uncomfortable at first and you might talk funny you get used it within a few days. People didn't even notice mine, they just said my teeth looked really white and shiny! hehe.